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Power Probe is dedicated to bringing our customers easy to use, intelligent diagnostic tools that dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend looking for problems as well as the time you spend fixing them.

The Basic Power Probe 3 Kit
What is Power Probe

The Power Probe line of products are state of the art automotive circuit testers. Whether you’re just working on your car at home or you're servicing a fleet of commercial vehicles, Power Probe products are here to save you from the headaches and extra cost that come from hard to find or misdiagnosed electrical problems.

Once you've connected a Power Probe device to your vehicle battery you will have an amazing variety of testers at your fingertips...

  • Measure Voltage
  • Test Continuity
  • Power-Up Components
  • Test Bad Grounds
  • Listen to Active Audio Channels
  • Detect Alternator Ripple
  • Capture Min/Max Voltage Readings
  • 20ft Lead Gives You Freedom to Move

Every Power Probe device that leaves our factory is quality tested to ensure that it meets the highest standards of excellence and reliability. To see more of Power Probe's innovative creations please visit our Products page.