PPESTLK - Sensor Simulator Lead Kit

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Lead set.png

PPESTLK - Sensor Simulator Lead Kit



Contains a very wide range of connection leads for quick and easy diagnosis of faults on most sensors/ valves/ solenoids/ actuators/injectors/ starter circuit/ ignition coil, etc. on Asian and European cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, boats, motorcycles. Comes with guide for adapter lead sizes to use on which car makes Differs from other kits in that it includes “Y-style” leads for quick connection of meters or scopes. No using time-consuming straight through

leads to make up test leads. Designed to work with diagnostic scopes and Power Probes

Kit Includes:


•33 Y connectors various sizes

•Acicular Probe Red

•Acicular Probe Black

•Piercing Probe

•Enhanced Variable resistor w/ Dial Indicator

•Airbag/SRS Simulator

•Stackable Banana Cable 2 x Red 2 x Black

•Banana Cable 1 x Red 1 x Black

•Crocodile Clip 1 x Red 1 x Black

•Banana Adapter /Female to Male

•Banana Adapter /Male to Male

•EVA Carry Case

Kit contains 48 pieces

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