LRHV95 - Pressure & Vacuum Pump


LRHV95 - Pressure & Vacuum Pump


This version of Pressure and Vacuum Pump is a material mix of ABS and aluminum. Using this pump, you can test any difficulties in the field of pressure or under pressure on the automotive sector. The measuring range of the gauge's double precision scale is subdivided as follows:

Minus Range: -1 to 0 bar/760mmHg

Plus Range: 0 to 3 bar/42 PSI

Graduation: 0.05 bar

Part Includes:

  • 1- Pressure Hose
  • 1 Conical Adapter
  • 4 Connectors

Testing Procedure:

  1. Connect pump with the vehicle part using suitable connector
  2. Pump with the handle and thus create a pressure/vacuum. Observe indication at gauge while pumping
  3. Resetting is effective by pushing back and forth the front switch ring to either "pressure range" or "vacuum range"


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