Prepare to leave your other tools on the bench. Once you connect the Power Probe III to your car battery you will have a multitude of testers right at your fingertips and access to an amazing variety of diagnostic functions.

With the press of a switch you'll have an instant hot lead or ground lead. Use the probe tip and ground lead simultaneously to power up components right in your hand. Instantly check components for continuity as well as identify positive, negative and open circuits without re-polarizing hook-up clips. Locate shorts without wasting fuses.

The 20ft. lead will allow you to test bumper-to-bumper without jumper leads. Audio tone indicates positive with a high pitched tone and negative with a low pitched tone. The audio feature can be disabled when testing relays. The Power Probe III has 2 cool white LEDs that flood the work area with bright light. The housing is sleek and feels great in your hand.


• Ability to Power Up Components
• Audible Tones Features
• Voltmeter
• 12 -24 VDC Range
• 20 Ft. Power Cable
• Positive/Negative Voltage Indicator
• Continuity Tester
• Short Circuit Indicator
• Relay And Component Tester