The Power Pack and Emergency Jump Starter by Power Probe is the perfect combination of powers storage and emergency strength. this Power Pack provides hours of additional cell phone and smart device charging with its 5V output USB port, and the added benefit of emergency jump-starting a vehicles battery when needed. The integrated flashlight helps the jumper provide safety with its constant on, flashing or SOS features for dark nights. This small jumper is ideal for charging personal devices with the additional peace of mind that you can jump-start your vehicles battery when needed. The patented battery jump cables also provide automatic power cut-off, overload, thermal protection and output short circuit protection to keep you and your vehicle safe.


• Automatic Power Cut Function: If the jump starter is connected to the vehicle for 45 seconds without successfully starting the engine, the jump starter will automatically go into sleep mode to avoid reverse charging.
• Overload & Thermal Protection: If voltage or temperature exceed parameters, the jump starter will be automatically disengaged and automatically reset.
• Output Short Circuit Protection: In case of any short circuit, the red light will be visible and the jump starter will automatically disengage.
• 12 V Emergency Jump Starter with 350 starting amps and up to 700 Peak Current