PTEN Innovation Award winning product, the PWM Adapter.

Discover the latest breakthrough in automotive technology with the PWM Adapter by POWER PROBE, a standout winner of this year's prestigious Innovation Award. This innovative tool empowers technicians to generate a precise pulse width modulation signal, enabling comprehensive component testing in modern vehicles.


In an exclusive interview, Emily Markham, the Editor of Professional Tool & Equipment News, dives deep into the PWM Adapter with industry experts: David Merendino, the Director of Sales at Power Probe; Dave Barden, the Manager of Technical Training for Power Probe and the brilliant mind behind the PWM Adapter; and Heather Porter, the Marketing Content Designer at Power Probe.


Here are some key takeaways and insightful quotes from the discussion:


"It's rare to find tools that can output a PWM signal, and when you do, they usually come with a hefty price tag."

"Technicians now have access to exceptional functionality at an affordable price point, making vehicle diagnosis more efficient than ever before."

"Our inspiration often stems from the valuable interactions we have with our customers through our tech support line."

For an in-depth look into this groundbreaking tool and the minds behind it, watch the video below. A heartfelt thank you to Emily Markham and Professional Tool & Equipment News for bringing us this illuminating interview!