The Key Assist allows you to crank the engine from under the car, the hood or from either side of the vehicle. Ideal for compression testing or bumping the engine to TDC (top dead center) timing marks for valve, distributor, camshaft adjustments.

The Key Assist is an excellent aid in performing voltage drop tests.

Keep your production and profits humming along without holding a valuable technician hostage by keeping him up on the hoist, waiting for the command to turn the key.

Key Assist puts a single technician in complete control of the vehicle's ignition key...

The Key Assist is your extra hand, always ready to help extend your reach right into the driver's seat making it possible to turn the key to the run, start, or stop position without taking a technician away from another job. The Key Assist sets up quickly and can accommodate most vehicles.

So, if you're working on the engine, drive train, electrical system,or exhaust system...you are in complete control!


•  Remote Start/Stop
•  Single Person Operation
•  Designed for Twist Action Ignition Switches
•  Powered by Compressed Air (Pneumatic)
•  Quick Set-Up