The first smart circuit testing device of its kind.

Diagnostics just got easier, smarter and more powerful.

Just touch the Hook's probe tip to the circuit and watch as it intelligently selects the correct Meter and Range for you! That's the Smart Tip Advantage!

The HOOK also features Power Probe's hot shot mode, allowing you to power on components at a moments notice!

Power Probe Hook is a fast and efficient electrical testing tool designed for the modern automotive technician.

It works right along with you while testing electrical circuits by automatically switching to the appropriate tool.

When the Hook senses resistance, it displays ohms. When the Hook senses voltage it displays volts, and when you need power to a component, it's right there with you, ready to apply as much as 99 amps of current by pressing the power switch.

The bottom line: Spend less time diagnosing and more time getting paid.


•   Powers Up Components
•   Measures Amps & Ohms
•   Calculates Resistance
•   Continuity / Relay Tester
•   Jumper Lead
•   Voltage Reference Supply Mode
•   Voltmeter - Positive & Negative Voltage Indicator
•   Audible Feature
•   Bad Ground Indicator
•   Find Short Circuits
•   Adjustable Circuit Breaker